Mitsubishi Estate (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") recognizes that privacy information of the customers/clients of the Company is important and endeavors to handle and protect such information appropriately in accordance with "The basic policy for personal information protection of Mitsubishi Estate.

Please refer here as regards handling of anonymously processed information. The term “personal information” in privacy information refers to the “personal information” as defined in Article 2.1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Law”). In addition, the term "History and characteristic information" refers to information excluding "personal information" defined above.

The term includes information such as services rendered and purchased products, history of web-browsing and advertisements, keywords searched by user, date and time of use, method of use, usage environment, zip code, gender, occupation, age, IP address, cookie information, access log information, location information, and information of individual device identification. If "personal information" of the user is provided to the Company and associated group companies in the course of using the Company group services,

the Company may link such information with the user's "history and information of characteristics”. Those types of information will also be handled in the scope of “personal information”.

  1. The company uses, stores and analyzes personal information for business related activities such as, rendering contracts, providing information, guidance, services etc. as well as for marketing related activities such as, customer trend analyzing, surveying product development and creating statistical data etc.
    • (1) Possession, management, and lease of real estate
    • (2) Entrusted service for management and lease of real estate
    • (3) Purchasing, sales, brokerage, and appraisal of real estate
    • (4) Construction/renovation and sales of housing
    • (5) Possession, management, operation, and lease of sightseeing and amusement facilities
    • (6) Management of hotels and restaurants
    • (7) Management of cableway business
    • (8) Development of residential and industrial lands etc.
    • (9) Dredging and reclamation of harbors and rivers, etc.
    • (10) Design, administration and contract work for construction and civil engineering
    • (11) Business in accordance with the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act
    • (12) Investment in specific purpose companies, special purpose companies (companies specified in the Ordinance on the Terminology, Forms, and Preparation Methods of Financial Statements, etc.) and real estate investment trusts, and purchasing, sales, brokerage and management of such investment equity
    • (13) Preliminary survey and consulting services on real estate investment
    • (14) Consulting services on management, operation, sales and liquidation of real estate
    • (15) Provision of information on real estate investment, and survey and analysis of the real estate market
    • (16) Management and administration of parking/car washing places and entrusted services for such management and administration
    • (17) Entire operations relating to the business specified in the Heat Supply Business Act
    • (18) Management and administration of fee-based homes for the elderly and entrusted services for such management and administration and consulting
    • (19) Various in-home services and designated in-home long-term care services in accordance with the Long-Term Care Insurance Act
    • (20) Operations relating to solicitation of life insurance and insurance agency business in accordance with the law relating to property damage insurance and the Automobile Liability Security Act
    • (21) Security services in accordance with the Security Services Act
    • (22) Travel agency services such as offering/order acceptance of domestic and overseas package tours in accordance with the Travel Agency Act
    • (23) Money loan secured by real estate, a right relating to real estate or securities and other money loans, and administrative services for such loans and loan guarantees
    • (24) Purchasing and sales of used articles, and sales of cigarettes, revenue stamps, stamps, postcards, gift certificates, admission tickets of movie/play/concert/sports event and building materials, etc.
    • (25) Export, import, wholesale and sales of clothing items, cosmetics, fashion goods, foods and beverages/alcoholic beverages, etc.
    • (26) Sales, rental and agency services for such sales and rental for the following items: Gardening supplies, furniture, interior articles, sporting goods, books, office supplies, daily necessary and miscellaneous goods, caring articles, medical devices, health equipment, interior decorations, home electric appliances, air purifier, water purifier and home dust collector
    • (27) Telecommunications business and internet provider business in accordance with the Telecommunications Business Act
    • (28) Entrusted services for operation, development/installation of equipment and maintenance of high-speed data communication system, and sales of such system, and consulting services
    • (29) Development, manufacture, sales, rental, export, import, maintenance, and management of computers and peripheral devices
    • (30) Subsidiary business for each of the preceding items
  2. The Company may jointly use personal information with associated group companies and related parties that are listed on its annual security report or on the list of associated group companies to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes described in the above section 1. In such a case, the Company will provide required items such as name, belonging entity/department/job title, address/telephone number/facsimile number, e-mail address, and real estate information, etc. In addition, responsibilities of the purpose of joint use and of management of personal information rely on the Company.
  3. Please check the information of each business department regarding description details of each preceding item and handling of personal information as well as the purposes described in the above section 1.